Zone 8-9 Succulents

by Shemika
(Pensacola, FL)

Potted Succulent Plants

Potted Succulent Plants


Are there any succulents that can grow outdoors in West Florida? We have hot humid summers, but winters can drop to 20 degrees. Also, the we have clay soil. Can it survive if I surround it with store bought cactus soil?

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Nov 04, 2016
Almost all succulents will grow in Florida
by: Jacki

However, you will find that the humidity is the death knell for most succulent plants, due to the fact that they will rot.

I suggest growing them as a short lived perennial, and don't count on them surviving the damp climate for long. They will do okay for a while, thriving on the heat, but they really do prefer to be a lot drier.

To plant them right in the clay soil will mean almost instant death, even if you dig a hole and plant them in cactus soil. Instead, build a raised bed to get them above the clay soil (which will hold too much moisture) and plant into special soil that you've added additional lava rock, shale or other gravel type material to add more drainage. See this page for more on the soil characteristics to aim for.

In areas that get frost, start preparing them to come indoors by signing up for the Winterizing Succulents E-Course.

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