Choose The Hypertufa Pot That Appeals The Most...

And Then Find Out What That Says About You

You can tell a lot about a person by which hypertufa pot appeals most; it's true!  Unless of course, you're like me and love them all, no matter the size, shape and whether they're rugged or smooth.

Your Favorite Hypertufa Pot, and what that says about you - find out your personality trait based on which planter appeals most...

It's fun to try and guess some of the most relevant character traits that you might possess, depending on the pot that speaks to you most.

Here are some of my hypertufa containers - see if it's true for you by deciding which of them you like the most, and then check the character traits that I feel are most associated with this style of pot. 

It's all in fun, share this page with your friends and see how they stack up too.

Your Fave...

...and what it says about you

Flat Rim Hypertufa PotFlat Rim Hypertufa Pot

You are intrigued by nature and usually march to a different drummer - celebrate your unique outlook on life!

Faux Wood Hypertufa PotFaux Wood Hypertufa Pot

Always thinking outside the box, you see the possibilities instead of limitations. 

Many people underestimate your imagination because it's so different from their own.

Hypertufa Thumb PotsHypertufa Thumb Pots

The miniature world appeals to you, and you're fascinated by fairy gardens and all other things tiny. 

Your appreciation of these kinds of things often puts your friends under the microscope too - don't let your attention to detail derail your enjoyment of the real world.

Twig Handled Hypertufa BasketTwig Handled Hypertufa Basket

Combining the natural world with the world of manmade objects sometimes leaves you feeling torn between the two, but it doesn't have to be one or the other! 

Embrace the qualities of both, and let them each support the other to be even better than they are apart.

A Trio of Hypertufa HandsHypertufa Hands

Fun and whimsical garden art gives you so much pleasure. 

If this is your favorite planter project, you're in good company. 

Enjoying your surroundings will lengthen your life, according to the experts.

Hypertufa Alpine TroughHypertufa Alpine Trough

A miniature mountain, up close and personal. 

Again, microcosms fascinate and enthrall you more than any other kind of garden. 

In particular, you love to see the way plant textures enhance their neighbors.

Hypertufa BasketHypertufa Basket

You are a rugged individualist, and you're not afraid to recycle trash in innovative ways. 

You'll always be the first to say, wait; don't throw that out, I have a use for it!

I hope you've enjoyed this fun take on your personality.  Let me know in the comments if I've got you pegged, or way out in left field!

Flat Rim Hypertufa Pot

Still wanting more hypertufa?  Check out the video;

Wanting more of this kind of information about Hypertufa?  Buy the Manual!Wanting more of this kind of information about Hypertufa? Buy the Manual!