yellow outline plant

by Skye

what is that plant can someone tell me the name?

Hi Skye, this is a bromeliad, which are interesting jungle plants.

Although not technically a succulent, they do have some odd ways of surviving drought which happens even in jungles.

Common tactics that they use are to form a 'reservoir' or 'tank' with their leaves.

Water falls in and is collected during a rainstorm, for later use when the weather is dry.

Some examples of this kind of survival technique are in the Blushing Bromeliad, which I think yours is.

Eventually, the center of the leaves will be filled with water - this is how you will water it, by filling the tank with distilled water, or rainwater.

Don't use chlorinated, fluoridated or otherwise treated water (like from a water softener) to water it, as this will kill the plant.

In time the inner part of the leaves starts to turn red, which is a sign that it's going to bloom - the flower is pretty insignificant, and hides inside the tank; it's the blushing leaves that are the attraction here.

Best of luck with your plant!

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