Xeria E-Zine May 2017

Oh, these lovely warm days.  There's so much to do, good thing the days are longer.  Getting up early isn't a chore, it's a delight.

Xeria E-Zine

Some of the earliest flowers are on fruit trees, like cherries, which bloom before the leaves emerge. The weather is still unsettled in many places, and the showers arrive and leave quickly. 

It won't last long though, so save that water whenever you get the chance.  Last year, I watered my container garden of lettuce and other greens all summer just from what I collected in two large rain barrels.

And while you're at it, make sure your water harvesting system is beautiful, too.

Rain Chain

The risk of using all kinds of chemicals is real.  Don't make your garden a dangerous and poisonous place for you and your pets.  Use something that will take care of pests, and leave the rest of us alone.  I'm talking about Diatomaceous Earth;

Diatomaceous Earth

There is a lot of information out there on the internet about growing succulents, but some of it is not that accurate. 

Get it straight from the Certified Horticulturist on staff (me);

I've bundled two of my e-books together for a low price, making it easy to add them both to your library;

Xeriscaping with Succulents and Succulent Care E-Book Bundle

Eager to start your own succulent plant business? 

Learn all the things, from deciding on your unique niche, to growing the plants, to displaying them at markets.

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Want your succulents to survive the winter?  Learn how to bring them indoors and be happy and healthy with this free e-course;  Fill in your name and email address on the form below to enroll!

Winterizing Succulents E-Course

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