Xeria E-Zine

May 15 2021

Oh, these lovely warm days.  There's so much to do, good thing the days are longer.  Getting up early isn't a chore, it's a delight.

Xeria E-Zine

Some of the earliest flowers are on fruit trees, like cherries, which bloom before the leaves emerge. The weather is still unsettled in many places, and the showers arrive and leave quickly. 

It won't last long though, so save that water whenever you get the chance.  Last year, I watered my container garden of lettuce and other greens all summer just from what I collected in two large rain barrels.

And while you're at it, make sure your water harvesting system is beautiful, too.

Rain Chain

Green roofs come in all shapes and sizes. We built a little chicken house in our garden, with a roof that slopes only one way, with metal roofing on it.  I found out, quite by accident, that flats (carrying trays) fit perfectly on it.

Modular Green Roof

When your seed containers emerge from the snow, they'll look like this.  But then, pretty quickly, they start to germinate.  It can be slow, but it's so exciting to see the tiny green babies!

This method is for hardy succulents only - tender ones need to be indoors to germinate.

Starting Seeds

Then it's time to grow them on - if they all germinate, you'll have lots.  They all look the same at first, but in time, they start to show their individuality.

How to Take Care of Succulent Seedlings

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