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Warm weather? Check.  Rainfall adequate? Check. Lots of butterflies? Not so much.

Xeria E-Zine

Butterflies are one of the perks of having a garden. 

They're attracted to flowers, naturally, but they also need a couple of other things, like water, and somewhere to lay their eggs for the next generation. 

The next generation starts as caterpillars, so prepare for a bit of damage.

Butterfly Garden Plants

The plants you choose need to planted so the butterflies can land on them.  They prefer flowers that are like a landing pad, and lots of the same kind in one area attracts them the most. 

They like different heights too, so they can perch and look around, staying alert for danger, or a mate.

Have a plan of how to arrange the plants to get the most out of your butterfly garden.

Butterfly Garden Planting Plan

Each species of butterfly requires certain plants, both for the adult butterfly, and its offspring, the caterpillar stage.  Provide both to keep your butterflies happy.

Butterfly Food

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