Xeria E-Zine

June 1 2021

Oh, the weather is finally settled, and things are popping like crazy in the garden.  New plants are getting established and old favorites are surprising you all over the place.

Xeria E-Zine

The birds are happily getting their territories sorted out, and nesting is in full swing.  The birdsong is deafening!  I've had problems with birds flying into the windows mistaking the reflection for more garden.  To combat this, I've hung fishing net over the outside of the window to give the birds a warning that there's something there.  Success rate: 100%!

Birds in the Xeric Garden

Someone sent me some pictures of a garden problem they've got, concerning some Aloe.  The problem is so bad, there may be no recourse but to dig them all out.

Aloe in Trouble

Gardens can either be an eclectic mix of perennials, annuals and permanent shrubs and trees, or tightly focused collections of one type of plant only, or a mixture.  They can be drought tolerant, low maintenance, or romantic and lush.  Or all of the above.

What's your favorite succulent garden?

Succulent Gardens

If you love geraniums with their splashy bright flowers, don't forget to look for the seed pods when you deadhead them - you can grow more of these incredibly tough and resilient plants.

Collecting Geranium Seeds

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