Xeria E-Zine

January 2018

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Okay,  So it's a new year.  What projects are you thinking of?  I'm getting anxious for spring, even though it's a long way off - but I can still make plans!

Xeria E-zine

The style you choose for your garden may be planned in advance, or, like mine, evolve.

Xeriscaping lends itself perfectly to Zen gardening or any other Asian influenced design.

Xeric Garden Style

Are you just getting started growing succulents?  Don't know where to start? See the article about Succulent Gardening for Beginners;

Succulent Gardening for Beginners

Where on earth do all these weird names come from? The naming of plants;

The Naming of Plants

The Succulent ID App is justly popular - it's got over 20,000 downloads onto your devices in the past few months. 

It gets frequent updates such as more great plant pages, and other offerings as well, including access to the Succulent Care Handbook, right in it, and other resources too. 

If you have a mobile device, you need this app - did I mention that it's free?

Still wanting more?  Join the Facebook group Rustic and Succulents DIY - we'd love to see you there!