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February 2018

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The New Year is no longer new - it's marching along, quickly!  What does February need?  Warmer days and longer daylight hours gives you hope that spring is on the way.

Xeria E-zine

Willows are one of the most versatile of shrubs. 

And, contrary to popular belief, they don't break your foundation with their roots or invade septic systems - or at least, not all of them.  This is the perfect time of year to propagate the ornamental or basket making kinds like Salix koryinagi 'Rubykins'.

Rooting Willows

With luck, snow will be receding, revealing some spring flowering bulbs. Nothing is more springlike than the first crocuses and snowdrops. 

You will have planted these in the fall to enjoy in the spring - spring flowering bulbs are truly the gift that keeps on giving - plant a handful, and year after year they increase in number.

Spring Flowering Bulbs

It's about bloomin' time!  Some of the earliest signs of spring are very subtle, but there none-the-less.  The bees appreciate these first little tastes of pollen, keeping them going until the main event;

It's About Bloomin' Time

The Succulent ID App is justly popular - it's got over 20,000 downloads onto your devices in the past few months. 

It gets frequent updates such as more great plant pages, and other offerings as well, including access to the Succulent Care Handbook, right in it, and other resources too. 

If you have a mobile device, you need this app - did I mention that it's free?

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