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October 2016

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Brr!  It's getting chilly here.  The days are okay, but the nights are getting shorter, and a whole lot cooler.

Xeria E-zine October 2016

It's time to start thinking about Christmas gifts for your favorite gardeners.  How about a book?  There's no way you can go wrong with this one; click on the picture to find out more about this great book and why I recommend it - even for novice growers;

The Complete Houseplant Survival Manual

When next spring arrives you'll be so glad you kept some of your geraniums alive - they are actually perennial, but your local greenhouse might prefer you not to know about how to overwinter them...

Overwintering Geraniums

There is still time to plant spring flowering bulbs as long as the ground isn't frozen.  Find out more about them, and what kinds give the most bang for your buck;

Spring Flowering Bulbs

Succulents are picky creatures, no doubt about that.  They sometimes have so many issues you wonder why on earth you try to grow them (don't answer that, we know it's because you're obsessed with them).  Find out about the nine problems that visitors to this site have asked about.  Maybe one of them is the same as your issue;

9 Succulent Problems

Coming soon - more garden art tutorials and treasures made from trash but only if you said that you would like more of these kinds of things in the survey.  These will be presented on one of my other sites, and available soon - watch for it in your inbox!

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