Xeria E-Zine March 2016

Issue #81

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I heard the Varied Thrushes singing - that's a sure sign of spring.  The snow is almost gone, although we still have frost at night.

Xeria Issue 81 - March 2016

Painting signs to go in the garden is a lot of fun, especially if you're like me and hoard funny sayings, like these all about thyme.

Signs of the Thymes; funny garden sign sayings all about thyme to paint on rustic garden signs; enjoy!

Even in a garden designed around drought, there are still weeds, or the potential for them.  Find out what I do to prevent them, or get rid of those that start. Oh, and if you don't garden without water, there are still some tips for you;

Weed Free Xeriscaping

Birds visiting from far to the south of me to nest and raise their young are one thing that I always look forward to.  What are some of your garden birds?

Birds in my Xeric Garden

Want something small and precious?  How about a Fairy Garden?

Fairy Gardens

Coming soon - more garden art tutorials and treasures made from trash but only if you said that you would like more of these kinds of things in the survey.  These will be presented on one of my other sites, and available in Spring 2016 - watch for it in your inbox!

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