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July 2016

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Phew, here comes the heat!  Everything is planted, now it's just a case of keeping the tomatoes and mesclun watered, and any newly planted things.  They may be drought tolerant, but that depends on if they're rooted well enough.

Xeria E-zine July 2016

Some of a plants tolerance to not needing watering all the time depends on the genetics - I always say choose your parents wisely!  This page tells all about the other major factor - the root system;

Plant Root System

Growing hardy succulents from seed takes two steps - it's not just about sowing the seeds in the winter.  It's about collecting those seeds in the first place.  Summer is the time when Sempervivum and other hardy succulents produce the flowers, which then turn (magically) into seeds, with the visiting of lots of pollinators;

Saving Your Own Succulent Seeds

Speaking of pollinators, some of my favorite butterflies are back in town.  They are the Great Spangled Fritillary, with the odd latin name of Speyeria cybele. 

The males are called that, and originally, the females, because they look so different, were given the distinct name of Speyeria leto. 

They don't migrate, they're what's called 'sedentary' which doesn't mean they sit around!  These active butterflies lay their eggs on wild violets, and hatch out a new crop of caterpillars every year, then undergo metamorphosis into the adult form of these gorgeous nectar seeking butterflies.

Speyeria cybele - the Great Spangled Fritillary

I get asked a lot about how to care for succulents.  This is not a one size fits all deal.  There are so many kinds, and it depends on your climate and weather pattern too.  I can give a few guidelines though - things that no succulent can live without;

Succulent Care

Coming soon - more garden art tutorials and treasures made from trash but only if you said that you would like more of these kinds of things in the survey.  These will be presented on one of my other sites, and available soon - watch for it in your inbox!

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