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January 2017

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2016 was an exciting year.  It seems like no sooner had I written a page, than it went viral, sometimes in unexpected ways.  The popularity of some pages prompted me to go in different directions, as you'll see.

Xeria E-zine December 2016

Apps are a great way to take the web with you wherever you go.  They are tiny versions of webpages with one important difference; you don't need wifi to see them. 

Unlike regular websites, they dwell on your phone or other mobile device, so that even when there isn't any internet access you can still browse them in exactly the same way, flip through the pages, and do all kinds of things that a few years ago weren't even possible on a full sized website.

There's an app for that!  Get the Succulent ID App on your mobile device...

The new version of the Succulent ID App is ready to download onto your cellphone or other small device, and take with you wherever you go;

Looking back at the old year, there are a few things that stand out, besides the app building. 

The pages that flew up into the stratosphere and stayed there were interesting, and analyzing what it is about them that appeals to people has been a fascinating exercise.

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