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February 2017

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Spring isn't far off - keep going!  There will be longer days, warmer sunshine, and balmy nights in the near future.  If it's still wintry and cold where you are, take heart; it can't be long now!

Xeria E-zine

It will soon be time to get your geraniums and succulents out of hibernation, giving them a drink, more light and warmth and possibly taking a few cuttings as they start to grow.  What could be more exciting than that?

Overwintering Geraniums

Looking for ways to downsize your garden?  There are lots of plants that actually like to grow in smaller containers, with less soil, and less problems.  See more container garden ideas;

Container Garden Ideas

It's hard to know how to get started, if you're new to succulents and how to grow them.  That's why I put together a page on getting started, with links to some non-threatening pages to get going with.  Start small, and build on success, I always say;

Getting Started with Succulents

Sometimes it seems like spring is a long time coming.  That's when you need a Spring Break Out planter to calm your nerves and give you hope;

Spring Break Out Planter

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