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December 2016

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Got any snow?  Want some?  I'll send it free of charge.  The one advantage is that it protects the soil (and roots) from extremes of temperature.

The Winter Solstice is when it all turns around (light wise) but that doesn't mean it gets any warmer.  That won't happen for a while yet.

Xeria E-zine December 2016

Have you heard the rumor?  There is an app in the works which will be so simple to use. 

It will be downloadable to your mobile device so you can use it offline.  It lists a lot of different kinds of succulents each with a picture, and a key to their care, to get you on the road to identifying them. 

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There's an app for that!  Get the Succulent ID App on your mobile device...

The Succulent ID App is ready to download onto your cellphone or other small device, and take with you wherever you go;

Sempervivum thrive in cold temperatures - in fact, they need a cold dormancy.  They might look a little shriveled and drawn in to themselves, but don't worry, they'll recover.

Sempervivum in Winter

Consider growing some indoor plants for the winter, as houseplants, to keep your obsession going. 

There are lots to choose from, and depending on your conditions some of them will like a bright window, or even a grow light, and an occasional watering. 

Some of them may even bloom.

Succulent House Plants

One issue that always rears its ugly head is fungus gnats.  What do you do to get rid of them?

Fungus Gnats

Is 2017 the year you build your own succulent plant business? Take the e-course and get a jump start on success!

Start Your Own Succulent Plant Business

I want to take this opportunity to wish all my loyal readers a wonderful, safe season.  Take some time for yourself, see you back here in the New Year!

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