Xeria E-Zine

April 2020

So, it seems to be one step forward, two steps back with the weather!  Take advantage of the warmer days, and hide indoors (or in the greenhouse if you have one) when it's not so hospitable.

Xeria E-zine

You may be feeling a little isolated right now, and lonely. 

Your garden could be feeling the same way.  Here are some suggestions for brightening it up, from wind chimes to bird houses.

Garden Whimsies

Not everything in your garden has to be bright and colorful.  Native plants and other types of shrubs and trees offer a lot of other attributes - pollen in particular. 

Watch your native plants closely at this time of year and see how many pollinators they attract - long before other flowering plants start to bloom;

It's About Blooming Time

Crafts made in the fall with hardy succulents may need a bit of cleaning, but then they're ready to display somewhere special.  This one is a perfect example;

Cake Tin Succulent Mosaic

New to gardening?  Wondering where to start?  Try here;

Getting Started