Wrinkly leaves



I am pretty sure I have a Aeonium kiwi.

I had baby plants growing from the stem and gently pulled them off.

I let them dry and then planted them. The leaves are now wrinkly. Why would they get wrinkly?

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Mar 17, 2015
On the cuttings?
by: Jacki

You mean the leaves on the cuttings? The reason they would get wrinkly, or even dry up and fall off is that there are no roots on cuttings, and there is no way for the leaves to plump up, as they normally would.

You can't do anything about this, as it's a normal reaction to being cut off from their water supply.

Give it time, and eventually they'll grow some roots and feed the leaves with water.

You didn't say how long ago you took the cuttings, but if it's only a week or so, it takes longer than that.

The older leaves on any new plant will always go first, because the plant will shed any older growth as it's done its job.

New growth takes precedence. If new growth starts to look bad, this is a sign of something going wrong, but as long as you let the cut stems callous before you plant them in soil (or leave the soil dry until they form roots) all should be well.

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