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Will this ever grow into a full plant?

by Leila

So I found these two leaves of monstera on the street. It has a thick root but the plant seems very thin? Do you think it will grow into a full plant?

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Feb 05, 2021
In Time
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

They all start somewhere - good haul! This is such a great find, and how unusual to see something like that. It's possible that somehow there was a baby plant alongside a bigger one, and someone decided they should abandon it.

Give it what it needs (jungle like conditions, moisture, composty soil and filtered light) and in time it will become a big healthy plant. Keep in mind that this will take at least a few years. Generally, plants of this species are cuttings that are already several years old - this one is just a baby!

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