Wildflower Identification

Native Plants and Flowers

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I've been fascinated by the incredible variety and diversity of the native plants in my area; whether they bloom in a spectacular fashion, or are very subtle and shy, they're always interesting to check on.

Wildflower Identification

Wildflowers are native to your area and perfectly adapted to the conditions of soil, weather and rainfall. 

Learning more about them can give you some insight into the kinds of plants that will thrive in your garden, but more than that, due to habitat loss, pesticide and herbicide use, and climate change many are disappearing. 

If you can leave a corner of your property undisturbed for the native plants and also create a  habitat for the small creatures that need them, it is like having a microcosm right in your own backyard.

Some of the lovely colorful blooms will delight you when they all flower at once.

Achillea millefolium, Yarrow
Anaphalis nargaritacaea, Pearly Everlasting
Arnic cordifolia, Heart Leaved Arnica
Aster foliacea
Castilejea miniata, Indian Paintbrush
Cirsium vulgare, Bull Thistle
Epilobium angustifolia, Fireweed
Epilobium angustifolia, Fireweed closeup of the flowers
Fragaria vesca, the Wild Strawberry
Lillium columbianum, the Columbia Lily
Lupinus, Silky Lupin
Rubus parviflora, Thimbleberry
Spiraea betulifolia, Birch Leaved Spirea
Unknown vetch species
Unknown wildflower
Unknown purple wildflower
Calochortus - Mariposa Lily