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Why are my paddle plant's leaves curling inward? Please help!

soft and droopy leaves to touch

soft and droopy leaves to touch

I live in San Francisco, zone 10. I have 2 problems. I have 2 paddle plants which I placed indoor south facing. They were doing great, then one with leaves started curling inward and the other one's leaves are getting soft and droopy. So I put them in indirect light instead but didn't help. Please help! Thanks!

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Mar 07, 2021
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

This looks like two different indicators. The drooping and soft leaves is probably an indicator of a lack of water, then too much. You haven't said anything about the watering regime, just the light levels.

I see that the one with curling leaves is in a tiny pot, and it's got new growth emerging from the center. This tells me that there isn't enough soil to keep those older (curling) leaves going, and produce new ones.

These are incredibly vigorous strong growing plants that, in the right conditions, will eventually reach three feet tall. Restricting the root growth with a tiny pot isn't doing it any favors.

I would repot both of these into bigger pots, using appropriate soil, not something peat based as it looks like they're in currently.

Curling leaves can also be caused by water that is too cold, or has chlorine or other chemicals in.

Hope that helps get you back on track.

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