What to do with the chicks?

by Tina

Hello Jackie. I have this Aeonium (I believe it's called Aeonium Tahoe) and have been trying to research on care for this type but to no avail.

The plant has some chicks but no roots like an echeveria.

Would propagation be the same as other aeoniums (stem cuttings)?

Should I wait for the plant to grow so the stems where the chicks are can get longer before cutting/propagating?

I have attached 3 pictures of the same plant with the 3rd showing the short stems. Thanks.

Hi Tina, I would go ahead and remove the new plants now, to prevent them from getting too crowded.

Any time they are less than half the size of the adult plant, they can be cut off with a sharp razor blade or knife (wipe the blade of any knife that you will re-use with rubbing alcohol to prevent the transfer of disease or pests).

I usually use my favorite Japanese bonsai scissors to cut off the chicks, because they have long thin blades to get right in close without damaging any of the other growth.

Allow the cut ends to callous a bit (overnight or even up to a week is perfect) and then pot them up into some well drained cactus mix or other soilless mix.

You might be interested in the Succulent Plant Propagation E-Book which gives you detailed instructions for how to do this:

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