What kind is this?

by Heather
(Larned, Kansas)

I got this little plant from a greenhouse at a hospital where I work.

No one has been able to identify it for me and I haven't been able to find a picture on the internet of a similar succulent until I saw your website.

Unfortunately, the picture was used for the link regarding 10 myths about succulents and I haven't been able to identify my plant.

Hi Heather, that little guy is Adromischus cristata, otherwise known by various common names like Pie Crust Plant and Baby Toes (although other plants are sometimes called by the same common name, so you need to know the botanical name too)

Other people have asked about this plant, and you can find out more here:

6 unidentified succulents

fuzzy puffy leaves with scalloped edges

Tabys cactus

Hope that helps,

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