what is this beauty called?

by GM
(Nashville TN)


So I picked up my first succulent ever while out grocery shopping this weekend.
The pot did not have any markings and no directions for care.

I am uploading a few snaps here, can some one please help me identify my find

Thanks a lot,

Drought Smart Plants reply:
Good choice, G! This is Haworthia, one of my favorite little plants for beginners.

Why do I say that?

It's because they are hardy, and don't keel over like some succulents if you accidentally overwater them, or forget to give them a drink.

They also don't absolutely require bright light; they're happier in fact, with filtered sunlight, say, behind a sheer curtain.

You'll find that this plant is slow growing, well behaved and very pretty. Also, as I see from the picture, it's blooming. The flowers are delicate and pale cream or white, with really subtle green or mauve stripes. Look at them under a magnifying glass to really see their beauty.

The dark green leaves with the markings of palest silver add a different dimension to a collection of the chubby and rosette forms of other succulents. I recommend these for those with less than perfect growing conditions, as they're pretty much cast iron plants.

You'll see these mis-labeled as Aloe quite often, but once you know them, you'll see right through that ploy.

Cherish them for their characteristics of drought tolerance, and their less than finicky needs.

Good luck with your new friend!

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