What is this and how can I save it?

by JW

Unknown unhealthy green plant #1 photo

Unknown unhealthy green plant #1 photo

I have this little green plant, that seems to have no roots-or very few. It is a very shallow "rooted" plant. I think my cats sometimes yank on it, pulling it out of the soil.

This one is on its last legs. It is now very limp, but never really stood up or stood tall.

When healthy, it is a bright, almost lime green. There are soft little pointed features all around the leaves, more like hairs than spines or cactus spikes. The hairs get longer and I think more concentrated the closer to the tip of the leaf one looks.

I repotted it into a shallower pot and am keeping just moist, not damp or wet.

I have a couple smaller pieces of this plant in another pot that is doing OK.

If I knew what this was, maybe I could learn more about what to do for it.

If you can give it a name,I would greatly appreciate it. Any other tips to help it along would also be great.
Thank you, jw

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Apr 21, 2020
Not sure
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

I can't tell if this is some kind of Aloe, or a type of Delosperma. There is really no way to tell the actual size of the plant in relation to the pot.

In any case, there are a couple of things you could do. The pieces that you show in the separate pot are doing the best, and this should tell you something. Whenever I get a new plant I immediately propagate it so it can get established in my conditions, which will be different than what they had previously.

The one thing I notice is that the soil is probably wrong for any succulent, no matter what genus. More on soil here;


I would stop watering it so much. No need for it to be damp constantly, and if that's what you've been doing, then this is the cause of the original plants failure, not cats. You may have to just dispose of the original plant, and call it an experience. It's unlikely to ever recover and thrive again.

More on Aloe here;


More on Delosperma here;


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