What is the Succulent Plant Business E-Course?

What is included?

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This e-course is for the person who is wanting to go whole hog into selling the plants you've been propagating, or a service that you've developed.

What is the Succulent Plant Business E-Course?

Not decided on a niche yet, or still researching?  I can help with that.  I know of many underserved niches and some will be in your area. These are things like creating wedding bouquets using succulents, or planting xeriscaped gardens for others. 

There is a good possibility that your service or product will be greeted with open arms. I've seen the niches where would-be customers give up their search, so I know there is a lot of demand for this kind of service or business.

If you've ever had someone tell you 'you should be selling these!' or seen the exact thing you've been making for sale for exorbitant amounts of money, this might be your year to get started on your own business selling the plants.

Also included in the e-course are free downloads of all my paid e-books and other e-courses, including the ever popular Succulent Crafts E-Course, a ten part series about a wide variety of different and unique ways to show off your succulents.

The most important and useful part of the e-course is a section on actually marketing your wares, whether those are actual hard goods, or a service.  You might be surprised at the free ways there are to get the word out.  You don't even need a physical address, just a phone or an email address.

The best thing about being your own boss is that you are solely responsible for making the decisions, choosing your path, and getting things done.  There is nothing like the freedom of finding a product or service that is in demand, and being able to fill that need. 

All this for hardly any outlay in property like a huge greenhouse or warehouse. Start your own backyard nursery to grow the plants to sell. 

Many of the succulents that people are searching for take up very little room, and they don't mind being shipped long distances without any soil at all.  If this is the route you take, your online plant business will be a huge success.

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