What is my succulent?

by Cherie L.
(Madera, CA)

Hi there! I got this little guy for my birthday. I have done SO much internet research and can't figure out what he is. I want to make sure I can give him the care he needs, but different succulents need different things. Everyone I have asked says almost instantly he's a jade plant, but he doesn't look like one. The closest I found was pachyphytum oviferum, but even that doesn't look right. His top leaves do, but I think the bottom leaves are too long and spread out for that to be correct. Any help you can provide is GREATLY appreciated. For now, I'm just giving him lots of indirect sunlight and a little water now and then.

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Oct 01, 2019
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

You are right on the money - definitely Pachyphytum.

There are several potential species - it's really hard to be certain, because we don't know the previous growing conditions of the plant. This can make certain characteristics more or less obvious - in this case the shape and length of the older leaves.

I say continue with your current regimen of very little water (too much water will split the leaves) and try to gradually increase the amount (intensity and length) of light it receives.

I would also suggest getting a grow light so you have control over that, as winter is going to be here, with shorter days and less intense light.

More on grow lights here.

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