what is eating my plant???

by melissa
(melbourne, australia)

at first i thought that the possums were nibbling on my succulents - sometimes they take chunks out of the leaves, but this is now happening to parts of my plants they cant reach - what is ruining my plants??

Drought Smart Plants reply:

Hi Melissa, that is strange indeed. Could it be a snail or slug? Check the bottom of the pot to see if a creature could be hiding there, or even a caterpillar.

I've had chipmunks or even mice eating my succulent plants - and believe me, they do a lot of damage in a short time. Try moving the plant to a new spot up off the ground, or cover it with a bird cage for protection. If you don't see any more damage, that might be the culprit.

I hope you find out what it is - if you do, please share it.


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