What happened to my moon cactus?

Why my cactus is looking like this

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Jul 02, 2020
Grafted Cacti
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

This type of cactus is not a specific one. They are a mutated form that has no chlorophyll of its own, so they're grafted onto a type that roots easily and can provide the chlorophyll so the top grafted part can have a way to photosynthesize, which means survive, in plant terms.

I'm assuming that what you're concerned about is the darkened spots on the side of the grafted part? This is most likely mechanical damage from falling over, or being damaged by taking it out of a box, for instance. You aren't giving me much to go on, such as your location (would also be helpful to know where you got it, such as mail order, from a box store, etc) and if it was part of a bigger order where it could have been crammed together with other plants.

The length of time you've had it could also be a factor. It looks to be the size that in most cases are just reaching salable size, meaning it hasn't been grafted all that long, and you have only just bought it.

My knowledge suggests that these plants have a high failure rate. The graft cannot live on its own. If the root stock fails to thrive, it's done. I would recommend enjoying it for the short time you'll have it, and realize that they aren't long lived except in perfect conditions under the auspices of a very experienced grower.

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