What Am I?

I just purchased this succulent from a plant show. There was no information there about it. As you can see from the picture, there are multiple plants in the pot. To me, it looks like a variety of an aloe plant. It's a frosty green leaf with darker green spots.

Drought Smart Plants reply:

Very pretty! It's not an Aloe, based on the bloom sprays and the colour and pattern of the spots. Does it have thorn like projections along the edges of the leaves? This is a typical Aloe characteristic, more in some cases, less in others.

It resembles Ledebouria socialis more than anything, as they have similar markings. If it's got bulb like thickenings on the base of each stem, and is around 10-15cm tall, this could be it. It's also known as Silver Squill (what a cool name!)

Check this picture and Wikipedia entry about Ledebouria socialis and another one here from Daves Garden website.

Hope this helps you identify your beautiful plant - Jacki

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Oct 03, 2016
Scilla violacea
by: Melflower

Scilla violacea

Apr 25, 2016
lily of the valley
by: nlgplants

looks like lily of the valley :)
same as i have growing

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