Vintage Sink Garden

Beauty can be found in the oddest places

You might find these old enamel sinks, once a common kitchen item, in old fields, garbage pits or stuffed in a corner in a barn.

Keep your eyes open; you too could find a diamond in the rough.

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Dinged and battered, rusted out in the base, abandoned as trash, these vintage pieces just aren't made any more.  If you can see what I see, you'll know that it once again can be useful, and a beautiful accent for your junk garden.

Vintage Sink Garden - making beauty out of junk

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The metal on these sinks is thick - and heavy.  Here's what I saw sticking out of a trash dump - it was a tough slog dragging it out of the creek and up the bank, but once I saw what it was, nothing could stop me from carrying it home. 

Halfway there, my arm got tired and I had to hide it in the bush and go and get the truck.

A treasure?

The drain hole is rusted out completely, so a piece of bug screen was cut to fit;

Insect screen holds the soil in place...

Because the sink is already so heavy, I made an effort to lighten the completed piece by using soda bottles to take the place of some of the soil;

Empty pop bottles take up some of the space

Filled with soil the rest of the way, and with rocks strategically placed to form a mound, the plants are simply rosettes cut off the growing plant.  These take a few weeks to root, but that means you don't have to disturb the soil to plant them.  Sneaky, huh?

Planted and mulched with lava rock

Here is the finished sink garden - now it will take time to get established and the rosettes to root in.

The vintage sink garden continues to get better and better...

These sink gardens or troughs are best in full sun to partial shade.  Important things to remember are that they have to have drainage (not a problem with this one) and in the case of succulents, not too much water, and because of the weight a sturdy display stand.

A few weeks later, the plants are established...

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