Very very tall grew in days

by Raewyn Williamson
(Auckland, New Zealand)

Tall central shoot

What a surprising sight! The last thing you would expect is something this bizarre, but just wait; it's going to get even better!

This is Agave stricta, and it's blooming. The towering tall flower stalk will be covered in white bell shaped flowers that will attract insects to pollinate them.

There are several moths that are native to where these plants originate that are drawn to the flowers, but as you're in New Zealand, I doubt that you'll see these.

The first flowers can start when the plant reaches 10 to 15 years old, and then it will bloom every 5-10 years apart.

Unlike most other Agave species, this plant doesn't die after flowering. Instead, the plant develops a short trunk, which branches out into a clump of new growing points.

It will eventually spread to be a sizable clump.

You can see more about Agave.

Take lots of pictures, it will be a while before you see it bloom again!

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