Valentine's succulents

by Gislle
(New Castle, Delaware)

I was gifted a pot of succulents, and while they're looking better than in the photo (taken the day they arrived), I honestly can't figure out what they are. HELP!

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Mar 05, 2019
Based on what I can see
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

The pic is a little small and hard to see but here goes; the one at the back looks like Haworthia fasciata or H. attenuata (very closely related).

The darker green one in front of that might be Aeonium haworthia 'Kiwi'. You'll know if it starts to change color as spring gets underway. It changes to pale lemon, melon and pink coloration for the summer.

Going clockwise from there, the pale blue one is some kind of Echeveria, then Echeveria 'Black Prince', then Kalanchoe thyrsiflora or maybe one of the Cotyledon tribe, probably a type of Graptopetalum, then Sedeveria or Sedum, then it looks like Crassula ovata behind it. Use the search bar on the website and you'll find most of those.

Mar 08, 2019
by: Giselle


Thanks! They're looking a lot better now, so I'll probably have better luck identifying them now that you've told me what they may be.

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