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Jul 02, 2010
I think I found it!
by: Christine

I do think I found the plant - I found a much larger version called a 'Crinkle-Leaf' Plant that grows in South Africa. Mine is a lighter green and seems to be a dwarf version, but they look just alike. I still could not find a good way to care for it, so any information on caring for it indoors would be appreciated!
Environment: indirect sunlight, office desk

Andromiscus cristatus - Crinkle-Leaf Plant - Crassulaceae

Jul 02, 2010
Care of Andromiscus
by: Jacki

Hi Christine - so glad you could identify your plant. All of the Andromiscus species require bright light - see if you can get a small fluorescent fixture specifically for specimen plants in low light conditions.

They also need good drainage, so make sure the potting soil that your plant came in has enough small gravel / large sand (no dust) and holes in the bottom of the pot.

Don't over water and don't allow it to sit in any water that drains out of the pot. Water thoroughly, than allow to dry out.

Fertilize once a year with a small amount of worm castings, or use a water soluble fertilizer. Err on the side of too little fertilizer, rather than too much as all succulent plants prefer a lean soil.

Good luck with your cute little guy, and please post a picture if it blooms!

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