Unknown upright succulent

by Elizabeth
(Salt Lake City, UT, USA)

Full plant and size reference

Full plant and size reference

It's an upright succulent (or so my husband says!), with plump, waxy leaves.

I received it as a small thank-you gift 1.5 years ago, and shortly after it had small yellow flowers that bloomed, but they have not returned since.

About 5 months ago I pruned it (it had outgrown my kitchen windowsill), and stacked the pruned stalks on a kitchen towel with the intention of replanting them, but forgot about them (due to the stress of the holidays) for about a month.

To my surprise, they were still green and happy-looking, and had grown little roots. I then carefully replanted all of them, and they've thrived.

Any help in identifying this tenacious plant would be greatly appreciated!

Drought Smart Plants reply:
Hi Elizabeth - your story speaks right to heart of what makes these fascinating plants - succulents - so interesting, and easy to grow.

I'm thinking that what you have is some kind of Kalanchoe, probably Kalanchoe blossfeldiana, or Flaming Katie.

There are many different florists types, grown by the thousands for supermarket sales and garden centers - for very good reason.

They can be prodded into bloom quite easily once you know how, and they're spectacular, and hard to kill.

It's hard to give a plant to a non-gardener and expect it to live, but these are a plant that anyone can be successful with; that's why they are used as thank you gifts, or when visiting someone in hospital; their cheerful disregard for dim conditions, and their long lasting flowers are a real pick me up.

You can see more on this page: Kalanchoe species.

This post has some instructions on how to rebloom a similar plant: Help Identify a Succulent House Plant.

Not to worry if it doesn't bloom though, it's just as interesting as a healthy and happy houseplant.

Best of luck with your Kalanchoe!

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