Unknown tubular succulent (Euphorbia?)

Tubular plant with multiple stems originating from common base. Stems have leaves of varying length and will droop down as they increase in length. As I recall the stems produce a milky sap like the milkweed plant if cut.
Shown in 5 1/2 inch pot.

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Dec 21, 2014
thanks for the response
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the information on the plant identity and for the most welcome warnings. I'll be extra careful when handling the plant. Kudos for your excellent site, you have a wealth of information.


Oct 01, 2014
The definitive characteristic
by: Jacki

The white sap is a dead giveaway - this is typical of the genus Euphorbia.

Please be extremely careful handling these plants. That sap is not as harmless as you might think; it causes contact dermatitis, and in some cases, blindness if it splashes in your eyes, or even if it's transferred by your hands. As an added bonus, it's also poisonous if ingested.

This one appears to be Euphorbia ritchiei, also known as Monadenium. There is more about this plant here.

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