Unknown succulent with sunburn?

by Shannon

This succulent has been in a bowl (with no drainage) with 3 other succulents. I've been modestly watering them when the soil gets dry, however, I was using a water bottle and the leaves were getting sprayed on a regular basis.

The stalk started turning brown and some of the leaves started falling off.

I've asked around and a lot of people say it could be sunburned. It was under a LED plant light since it has been potted (about 4 months now).

I've stopped spraying the leaves and took it away from the light source. I was wondering if you could a) ID this succulent for me, and b) confirm that it is in fact sunburned and that it isn't root rot.
Thank you so much for the advice!

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Oct 08, 2014
by: Jacki

But I think your plant is toast. What could have started as sunburn, due to the fact that the sunlight was much too strong for it after a while under artificial light has now gone much further. I'm thinking that this plant could be done for.

Mistake #1: no drainage hole. Even though they may not be getting much water, they still need this for air exchange.

Mistake #2: a glazed pot. The roots of succulents need to have something to grip to, and the best surface is something rough.

Mistake #3: moving a plant into full sun after it's been kept under artificial light and not acclimatizing it properly (ie: in stages)

Mistake #4: spraying the plant. The only time a spray bottle comes anywhere near my tender succulents is when they're tiny, or to spray a soap mixture for pests.

By the way, this looks as though it is either some kind of Echeveria, a Pachyphytum or a hybrid between the two.

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