Unknown Succulent Plant

by Trina
(Tampa, FL)

Is this a jelly bean? A neighbor gave this to me from a cutting from her backyard. She doesn't know the name and she said I should simply plant it straight to the ground. it has been days and so far I have not seen any roots (I checked). Can you help me identify this plant and how I can help it grow and maintain it? thank you for any help you can give.

Hi Trina, I'm not sure what plant you're referring to when you say jelly bean - I know there is a type of Sedum that goes by that name, but this isn't it. This looks like a type of Jade, known by the botanical name of Crassula. These are easy to grow and don't require any care, except for avoiding excess water. Don't worry, your plant will make roots eventually. I've seen these left abandoned without any water at all for months, and they will be busy making air roots, which they use to survive on just the moisture in the air, no soil at all.

See also this page on succulent care.

Hope that helps get you starting on the long term fascination that is my obsession.

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