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May 09, 2011
Hmm.. not so sure
by: Zoe L

Thank you for the reply but I don't think this plant is either of the ones you mentioned.

The parent plant was exactley the same as this cutting, even the size of leaves, there was just much more of it

May 09, 2011
So Sorry!
by: Jacki

Hi Zoe,
I'm sorry I couldn't id your plant - it's got me puzzled so I'll keep looking. There are other visitors that seem to have much more experience with some plants, so maybe they'll be able to help.

Apr 29, 2017
I have this plant too!
by: CajunSucculent

I do not know the name either. It was bought at a flower gallery in Morro Bay, Ca. I saw it growing on the streets by the farmers market. They look like tight waxy rosette with little rosettes. I'm having trouble after a year to keep it going here I'm humid southern Louisiana.

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