unknown fan shaped with thorns

bought at home depot . lasted a yr with regular watering now dying and i dont know why because i dont know what plant it is.

This is one of my pet peeves with box stores selling succulent plants - they just sell whatever people will buy, and they don't provide any identification on the plant, other than 'succulent plant' and no real care instructions.

Most of the time they're potted into the worst potting soil for succulents, a peat based or manure based soil.

Apart from that, these plants are actually poisonous! They sell them without any warnings of what to avoid (like the sap) and if they're toxic to children or pets, and what to do if they ingest some of the plant parts.

This plant is a grafted form of Euphorbia, and it's grafted because it's impossible (or difficult, anyway) to grow on it's own roots.

When you say 'regular watering' what exactly do you mean? Regular watering for jungle type plants could be daily to weekly; Succulent plants really hate having wet feet, and the soil should dry out almost completely between drinks. This plant is Dragon Bones, one of the more colorful names that this plant goes by.

Hope this helps get you back on track with your plant; please do keep in mind that it's poisonous, and take appropriate care.


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