Unidentified succulent - rose share

by Shravzs
(Nova scotia, Canada)


I bought this at a garden centre but they did not know what type succulent it is. I searched the net and think this is a creeping sedum but none matched the exact shape. Can you help identify this plant.

Thank you

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Jul 12, 2019
Definitely Sedum
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

Yes, that looks like a type of Sedum, but no idea which it is. It looks similar to Sedum seiboldii, but the only one I've grown is this one; https://www.drought-smart-plants.com/sedum-seiboldii-variegatum.html

There may be other forms and variations. Either way, it's gorgeous! I love the scalloped edges.

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