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I have a damaged plant, rescued from a balcony. I need to know what it is, so I can try and restore it. It is shriveled and squishy, so obviously had too much water/sun. Any ideas about classification and care?

This is one of the best little Crassula - with the huge popularity of the Lord of the Rings movies, the character of Smeagol, who also went by the name of 'Gollum' inspired the naming of this great little plant. It's also known as 'Goblin Fingers' for it's weird appearance.

Rescuing these succulents is very rewarding, as they recover quickly from damage caused by poor care. They actually thrive on benign neglect better than over-protective mothering, so there is hope for it yet.

First of all, I would cut off the top parts that are still showing green, and re-root them as cuttings.

You can find out more about how to do that on the page about Succulent Plant Propagation.

Follow the instructions, and you'll have several lovely healthy new plants to replace the damaged one.

Don't discard the original plant though, as this will sprout out new growth from just below where you cut off the top parts.

These plants can make an amazing little indoor Bonsai tree, with character and personality. The fact that it's already endured hardship and rough treatment will just make it all the more charming.

See also the page about Succulent Care and Succulent Soil to find out more about cultivation.

Happy Succulent Rescue!


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