trunk and branches have 3 flat sides with thorns

by GInny Patterson
(Georgetown, TX USA)

one of the rooted cuttings

one of the rooted cuttings

I inherited a large version of this plant when I bought the house but seven years later I moved and had to leave it behind.

It was 8-9 feet tall.

So I took some cuttings.

When I cut off the branches, it dripped a white glue like liquid. I was able to get the cuttings to root.

Now I would like to know what I have.

This plant is exactly why it's important to know your plants; the white sap is actually caustic, and very dangerous to skin and eyes.

The plant is Euphorbia trigona, the African Milk Tree, named for the white sap.

Please be ultra careful with the plant, and avoid any contact with sap or parts. I'm talking poisonous here.

You can see more about other Euphorbia here.

Hope that helps,

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