Tree like shape with small leaves, looks like a bloated plant.

by Thomas

Thick, bloated trunk with many branches stemming from it. Has tiny leaves sparsely placed all over. When cut it weeps white milk like substance. Bought it at an ikea and the only description is "assorted succulent" .

Drought Smart Plants reply:

Thomas, be really careful with this plant - I mean it! These are some of the most poisonous of all succulents, and I'm really upset that these box stores sell them to completely unsuspecting home owners.

Anytime you see that kind of white sap, it's bad news. See the page here for more:

Poisonous Succulent Plants - pay particular attention to the information about Euphorbia, click on the link about them to find out why you have to be really alert and careful with them - even experienced gardeners and horticulturists have run into major problems due to the extremely caustic nature of the sap.

Good luck with your plant, and I hope you make the right choice on whether to keep it around or not - personally, I would be making a formal complaint about this to the store you bought it from. They should not be getting these kinds of plants from their supplier, who is obviously pawning off whatever they please, with not a care in the world for the buying public.

Rant over!

Best of luck,

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Oct 18, 2014
CAustic Sap
by: Judy Montague

Hello-the common name for the plant in question is 'Sticks of Fire' or 'campfire plant'; in winter or under stress, it gets red/yellow tips and continues with the small almond-shaped leaves scattered sparsely up the stalk.

When planted in mass, it does indeed look like a campfire! It is an unusual accent in a succulent arrangement even singlely (sp?)

It actually is a bit finicky to grow and propagate. It is very sensitive to overwatering and the buried end rots very easily. I often surround it with spiked plants to make it more difficult for access of grandkidletts curious fingers.

I haven't had a problem with it as of yet (knock on woood) despite allowing my 8 grands complete run of my very extensive succulent garden. Hope this helps! Judy

Nov 19, 2011
How large can it grow?
by: Thomas

Thank you for the heads up Jacki. Glad I don't have any pets at the moment. What is the specific name for this plant? I'm curious on how large they can grow.

Drought Smart Plants reply:

I'm not really familiar with this plant at all, so I can't give you much information on the name or its eventual size.

Pets are not the only thing at risk, by the way; the sap can spray up and cause blindness in the gardener too.

Please be careful, I can't emphasize that enough.

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