topsy turvy plant

by Amy
(Los Alamos NM)

How can I save my topsy turvy plant from dying?

Drought Smart Plants reply:

Hi Amy, without knowing a bit more about your plant and why you are worried about it, I have no advice for you.

I'm going to assume that the plant you're talking about is Echeveria runyonii 'Topsy Turvy'.

What is it doing that makes it seem to be dying?

Quite often people are worried about their plants as they're losing leaves from the bottom of the rosette, but this is just perfectly normal occurrence, and no cause for alarm. It requires beheading, or chopping off the head of the rosette and re-rooting it to make a nice plant again.

Unfortunately, if you have overwatered it, there is no way of recovering it. These plants absolutely can't have excess water, and must have good drainage in their soil, and a hole in the bottom of their pot so water can escape.

On this page you can see more about how to grow Echeveria.

Hope this helps,

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