Top 10 Succulents For a Dry Garden

by Kevin

Succulents in a Garden

Succulents in a Garden

Do you want to make your dry garden look colourful and fresh? If yes, then you have landed on the right article. In this article, we will provide you with the list of the top 10 succulents for your succulents garden.

Most of the people have the notion that succulents grow in the desert only. But in reality, the gardeners know that this is not true. Succulents grow in coastal lands too. Growing them is quite effortless. Often they are the favourite of gardeners as they add a tinge of colour to their garden and also look fresh. Today we will provide you with a list of succulent garden varieties which are easy to transplant, can live in poor soil and will also add architectural beauty to your garden. Let’s take a sneak peek into the alluring list of succulents.

Top 10 Succulents for Your Succulents Garden

1. Agave attenuata
Agave attenuata is easy to care succulent. They are a bit expensive but if you know someone who is ready to give you a small rosette, all you will have to do is plant it in your garden. Keep enough space as it will grow up to 6’ tall in just a few years. This plantlet prefers sun, is shade tolerant and grows in clay soil. They cannot bear a temperature below 30°C.

2. Aeonium arboreum
The dark-coloured succulents garden varieties of aeonium arboreum add colour to your garden. You can pair them with bushy greens as a foil. It can tolerate coastal sun but will grow better in filtered light.

3. Aloe arborescens
This is a fire-resistant succulent. They are dense shrubs that can grow up to the height of 9’. They have spiked leaves that grow up to 18". The colour of the leaf depends on the sunlight received. As it belongs to the Aloe family, it has some great healing qualities.

4. Aeonium haworthii
This succulent comes in a variety of green and yellow-tinted leaves with outlined with pink. This succulent grows up to 2’ in height and 3’ in width. It can tolerate a wide range of watering. It grows well in a warm and dry climate and prefers shade. Aeonium haworthii grows fine on rocky slopes too.

5. Echeveria agavoides
Echeveria agavoides is compact and can be grown in pots. They demand a well-drained soil, therefore, take care that the pot has an adequate number of holes to pass the excess water. You can also use the best lawn fertilizer to keep them fresh. The saplings grow up to 12" in width and have little red tips. They also form pups and sometimes spread along the ground. Another common name for this plant is lipstick echeveria.

6. Echeveria topsy turvy
Echeveria topsy turvy grows beautifully in the ground but you can also use it to create succulent hanging baskets. The pups that will hang on the rims will add elegance to your garden.

7. Senecio mandraliscae
These beautiful blue plantlets are often mistaken as an ice plant. They require minimum maintenance and are quite inexpensive because they're so easy to propagate.

8. Crassula ovata
Also known as friendship plant, money tree or jade plant, Crassula ovata cannot handle excess water and needs full sunlight. It has small paddle-shaped shiny leaves resting on a thick branch.

9. Euphorbia tirucalli
Also known as the fire plant, or sticks of fire, Euphorbia tirucalli is often mistaken as cactus because of its spines. We advise you to not grow this in a place with traffic, kids and pets. The white milky residue causes itchy skin or other issues. These succulent gardens grow under full sun.

10. Portalucaria afra
Portalucaria afra is similar to jade plant but it grows on a reddish stem and has smaller leaves. It is also known as elephants food because it is common in Africa and is actually edible. There are tall forms as well as dwarf types and is a highly effective carbon dioxide absorber.

Growing a succulent garden is absolutely an amazing idea. You can boost your dry garden with these fresh and beautiful succulents. They require care like any other plant, therefore, you need to be protective enough to maintain your design. Make sure that you do good research on the plants you want to add to your garden. Research is important to avoid any sort of skin irritation or other health issues. Your dry garden will love the company of the scintillating succulents. So which succulents are you planning to plant in your garden? Do let us know!

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