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by: Jo Crooms

Sorry it took me a few days to get back but thanks so much for the advice. The idea of this method is kind of terrifying but I will be brave! This is going to help out a couple of my aloe plants too that have grown scraggly!

But what should be done with the "base" that I will detach the plant from? Should I leave it planted or will it die after this?

Also, I have seen photos of haworthia that are orange but no explanation as to why. Is this a separate cultivar or simply a matter of light conditions? Thanks again! :D

Drought Smart Plants says; you can keep the bottom of the plant, and in most cases it will shoot out several new stems. Sometimes it's not worth keeping, as it's old and scraggly, but by all means hang on to it. Put it in a back corner and forget about it, you never know, it could surprise you.

Take a deep breath, and unscrew that lightbulb! Be brave!

For the orange Haworthia, this is caused by extremely bright light - if you have this issue, move your plant to curtain filtered light, or where it gets morning sun, but not the really intense afternoon sun.

Good luck,

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