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To Magnolia or to not Magnolia

by James Campau
(Clarkston, Mi)

Magnolia in full bloom

Magnolia in full bloom

I live in southeast Michigan. I have read that magnolias need a lot of sunlight. Where I want to plant them gets a lot of sun in spring and summer and not so much in the fall and winter. Should that be ok since during the “season” they would have sufficient light?


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Apr 10, 2022
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

Everything I've ever read about Magnolias is that they prefer full sun. They will survive on light shade, but not full shade for a large portion of the year. If the one you choose is deciduous (loses its leaves in fall) you might be okay. Don't try this with an evergreen species.

For success, maybe choose another spot for this long-lived tree.

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