Tis a mystery succulent to me...

by Pam K
(Bella Vista, AR)

I bought (or should I say I "won") two small succulents on eBay.

The seller also included 10-12 cuttings from other various succulents none of which were named.

I've had tremendous good luck with almost every one of those cuttings...a bit of a rarity for me and my brown thumb. I've been able to identify most of them from online pics, etc., but not the one in these two pics...and it's my favorite! To me, a novice succulent grower, it looks so exotic and I'd love to know it's name. I should perhaps also add that I had to move it to a larger planter because it definitely outgrew my miniature fairy garden. :)

I am loving my succulents! Since my earlier success with my eBay "wins" I've added a few more and I don't think I'm quite done adding...

Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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Aug 27, 2017
Kalanchoe Daigremontiana
by: Kob Lobs

Kalanchoe Daigremontiana

Jun 16, 2017
Mother of thousands
by: June

This is a mother of thousands....new plants can be propagated from the little pups on each leaf!!

Oct 30, 2014
have the same plant
by: Bruce

I have the same plant. I bought a mint plant from the Gravette Farmer's Market and had this one as a bonus. It is easy to grow and multiplies quickly. Like you, I have not been able to kill it :)

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