tiny string beans hanging on the thick trunk

by mo


I got this cute little plant and do not know how to care for it properly. It has been 3 months under my care, and it started to get sad, the lower leaves or spike turn yellow and fell off. It is on the south window with lots of light, i live in GTA of ONTARIO! CANADA. I watered 2 times a month.

The plant has a light green color, look like string beans hanging down from the sub stems, the main stem very thick. Each long beans around 2 inches long and has a line running on the top, the two tips of each beans are quite pointy.

Thanks in advance for all your help!!!!

Drought Smart Plants reply:

Hi Mo, I moved your question to the Ask the Horticulturist page, as I can't answer your question on identification without a picture - sorry!

I would say, that without seeing it, it's possible that this plant is dependent on not only bright light, but a certain amount of hours of light - this is known as 'photoperiod' and if the number of hours isn't long enough, the plant will start reducing the load on itself - ie: shedding leaves.

If possible, I recommend a grow light - you can get them in a small size of fluorescent grow light (not a tube) so you can direct the light exactly where you need it.

Other than that, again, without knowing what the plant is, I would say that underwatering is better than overwatering. You'll have to make a judgement call on that, based on if the leaves appear to be shriveling under the watering schedule.

Good luck with your plant!

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Edited to add a link to a picture of the plant:

Succulent Container

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