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Tiny little succulent - looks like miniature green beans

by Michelle
(Calgary, AB Canada)

Can anyone help me identify this plant? I bought it at Safeway and the sign just said "Succulents".

It didn't have a tag in it and I have no idea how best to care for it. I'm also concerned it may be poisonous to my cats, and though they've not gone near it, I want to be careful.

For now, it's up on the highest shelf in my apartment, which is loaded with enough other stuff that they can't get up there. But I can't enjoy it there, and I'm not sure if it's getting the right amount of light.

The leaves of this plant look and feel like fresh green beans, only much smaller.

There are sprigs of new growth shooting up from the center. The plant is currently growing in a tiny pot - maybe 3 inches in diameter. I'm not sure how big it might get, but for now this is a mini plant.

Any help identifying it would be greatly appreciated. I'm at a loss!

Drought Smart Plants reply: You're smart to keep this plant away from cats - even if it isn't poisonous, it would be so appealing to them that they would destroy it. Anything that resembles grass is fair game, as far as they're concerned.

To be completely honest, I'm not really sure what this is.

It doesn't look like any kind of succulent plant that I'm familiar with. However, it looks as though it might be getting ready to bloom, so that might give me more clues.

Just a suggestion, but something you might want to try; I look for bird cages in thrift stores, or garage sales, and then put my precious plants inside to protect them from critters (in my case, chipmunks!) but I'm sure they would be safe from cats too.

The reason I suggest this is that in most cases, top shelves are not bright enough for most succulent plants, which require good lighting, like a window where they can get at least a couple of hours of winter sun, and bright curtain filtered light in the summer.

Alternatively, maybe a grow light would be something to consider.

Let me know if you can send me pictures of the blooms, if it flowers and we'll go from there.

Happy Succulent Gardening!

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Comments for Tiny little succulent - looks like miniature green beans

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Apr 19, 2012
by: Ronaele

It's one of the Peperomias.

Apr 19, 2012
No blooms yet
by: Anonymous

Hi! Thanks for the reply. The bird cage idea sounds like a good one. I'd never thought of that, but the cats destroyed my beautiful China Doll and the cage would definitely be a pretty way to keep them out.

With regard to my little mystery succulent ... the sprigs in the middle ended up dying (probably wasn't getting enough light, or possibly over watered). I've since placed it nearer a window and the cats aren't touching it. They are more interested in the other plants with leaves that seem to be more grass-like in texture.

I was putting it in the sink once a week, giving it water and letting it drain before putting it back in the ceramic pot, but I'm not sure if that's the best way to care for it. I don't want to over water - which has been my habit in the past. Now I'm trying to just feel the soil and wait until it's drier before re-watering. If this is the wrong move, please let me know. I've never been good at keeping plants and right now I have three healthy ones - I'm so proud! I'd like to keep the little succulent strong so that maybe I'll get a bloom or two.

No one else seems to know what this plant is, either. It's a good mystery!

Apr 19, 2012
Thank you, Ronaele!
by: Anonymous

You are right! I googled Peperomia and found a few pics that look just like my little plant. It's called Peperomia ‘Amigo Green Split’ Happy Bean, and I found a website with care instructions.

Thanks for all your help! I'll still post pics of blooms, if I ever get any. :-)

Mar 06, 2013
Mystery plant
by: Anonymous

I received one as a gift. I love it!!!but I am also baffled by the plant. i want to root some of the sprigs that have fallen off but don't know how. I would love some help also!!!!! Don't want it to die I love plants,need them for my small apartment for air cleaning.

If the shoots have fallen off, they might not root, but you can sure give it a try: Buy the e-book for detailed instructions:

Learn how to root your own succulents:

Apr 01, 2013
amigo plant
by: Anonymous

My last post 03-06-13 about plant that looks like a green bean? found it is a AMIGO (Green split Happy Bean Plant)???? still no information on how to root or take care of. Think it is in right type of pot though? which is tera cotta. Still need HELP!!!!! Thanks!!!

Thanks for the update; it's good to know what the name is, for finding out more about it. Unfortunately I couldn't find any listing for a plant of that name on my usual websites, so I can't help with it. Do you by chance know of the botanical name??

Apr 09, 2013
It's a Happy Bean
by: Anonymous

If you read my comments above (I'm the original poster, and have since commented in response to a few others), it's a Pepperomia family - Happy Bean plant (I can't remember the full name, but I posted it in the earlier comments). Mine has been alive and well a full year now, and I just recently moved it from the tiny pot it came in to a larger one. I found information online about how to re-pot, but not how to save the sprigs that fall off. I haven't tried to root any of the lost sprigs.

Mine has grown taller and now looks more like a tall, skinny stalk-type plant, rather than the shorter, bushy appearance it had when I first got it. It's still quite healthy and happy, from what I can tell, though it has never flowered. I honestly don't think it's a flowering plant - or it just doesn't like my environment. When I re-potted, I removed it from its pot and loosened the dirt so the roots could stretch. I added potting soil in the bottom of the new pot,then placed the plant on top, and added more soil around it to secure it in place (and then watered it a little). I kept it in a tall narrow pot rather than a wider pot, because I read that the roots like grow downward rather than outward. So far, so good. The new pot does not drain, though, so I'm having to be much more careful about the amount of water I give it. At least so far I haven't over watered, but it will require close watching to make sure.

Hope some of this info helps. Good luck!

Feb 23, 2016
Peperomia ferreyrae
by: Nikki

The name of the plant is Peperomia ferreyrae or Happy Bean plant. Just finished researching it. It is propagated via cuttings. It does have a spiky cream bloom that appears in autumn here in the USA and Canada.Hope this helps!

Sep 11, 2016
string bean plant
by: Addie57

I bought this plant from the clearance section and it was in pretty bad shape but I thought it was worth a try to save it! With a little TLC it grew like crazy and got so top heavy I decided to cut the tops off about 4" down. I rooted them in water for about 2 weeks then planted 2 rootings together in medium sized pots. I've done this a few times and given away the extras. Really cool plant!

Oct 14, 2018
Peperomia ferreyrae
by: Amanda

The happy bean plant! Peperomia ferreyrae

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